Dargaville High School Computing Technology



English - HOD Mrs S Baume

Dargaville High School English department hosts six enthusiastic and dedicated teachers who work hard to make English a 'fun' subject, namely Mrs S. Horner, Mrs S. Baume, Mr J. Reynolds, Ms H Schmidt and Ms R Burnet.

At Year 9 and Year 10 levels, students cover all aspects of the English curriculum (Reading and writing, listening and speaking viewing and presenting) through a variety of topic studies. We study novels, films, short stories and poetry. We also find out about Newspapers, Travel writing, Advertising, static images and documentaries to name a few.

In Year 11 students choose to study either English or English Applied, to gain credits towards NCEA. All Level 1 students need a minimum of 8 credits in Literacy before they can be awarded their Level 1 certificate, so it is important to work hard in English! Students who wish to gain University Entrance and/or who enjoy English can continue their studies at Levels 2 and 3.

A focus for the department (and a challenge for some of us!) is to up skill and resource in the ICT area. Students regularly enjoy using digital cameras, computers and video cameras in English.


Maths - HOD Mr P Northey and Mrs K Exley

Welcome to the maths department. Our staff are as follows:
Karen Exley
Pete Northey
Corine Leach 
Mark Brimblecombe
Sarah Horner
Shelley Fredrick

We have embraced technology in this department. All main stream classes are taught using PowerPoint. We have projectors in all our classrooms and students are introduced to and expected to use graphics calculators from Year 11 up. We have an interactive smart board in one classroom, and make use of programmes available to present students with information in a way that is easy to understand. Diagrams, graphs, and 3D concepts can be shown in a way that students can visualize clearly.

At the senior level we offer a range of unit and achievement standards that provide credits from level 1 to level 3. These cater for all ability levels. All through the year levels students are able to be taught in a class that caters for their level of ability and understanding. Extension material is available and used at all levels where appropriate. We take a pride in getting students to reach their potential.

At year 11 the courses divide into Full Maths and Alternative. Full Maths divides at year 13 into Statistics and Modelling and Maths with Calculus. At senior levels a full set of course notes that go hand in hand with the power points are issued to every student. This is included as part of their course costs. This means students can spend class time effectively working to understand the concepts being taught, rather than copying notes. Students have given us really positive feedback about our power points and course notes. We are constantly updating our power points to make concepts easier for our students to understand.


Science - HOD Mr P. Barnes

Understanding Science is the key to understanding the natural and physical world around us. Our department provides students with opportunities for active involvement in their learning at Dargaville High School. We offer several different subjects and courses from Year 9 to 13 each offering a different mix of Unit Standards and Achievement Standards (Year 11-13 only);

  1. Year 9 General Science
  2. Year 10 General Science
  3. Year 11 Science
  4. Year 11 Alternative Science
  5. Year 11 Environmental Studies
  6. Year 12 Biology, Physics and Chemistry
  7. Year 13 Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

We have the expertise and enthusiasm within the department to deliver these courses with enjoyment and success. Our teaching staff consists of:
Mr P. Barnes (HOD Science, Biology, Physics)
Mr D Archer (Science, Chemistry)
Ms T. Gracie (Science, Biology)
Ms S. Dugdale (Science, Biology)
Mr A Wallam (Science, Chemistry)

In addition we are also lucky to have our fully qualified Science Technician, Mrs S Kirk. The science department is leading the way with regards to the use of new technology and innovative teaching methods in the Sciences. We regularly use Data Projection, Multimedia Presentations, Data logging and computer aided learning in lesson delivery.

Social Studies

Social Studies - HOD Mr G. Prentice

The Social Studies department consists of two teaching staff, Mr M Brimblecombe, Whaea Johnnita Houghton and Mrs T Cohen. Social Studies is an integral part of the curriculum and draws upon the use of technology to deliver lessons.

Social Studies teaches pupils about the development of New Zealand and draws relevance from historical local landmarks. All year 10's visit the Bay of Islands and learn about the Treaty of Waitangi. In Years 11, 12 and 13, pupils can specialise and study NCEA Geography, and visit Pouto Point as part of their assessment.


Art - HOD Ms F Cooper

Kia Ora from Mrs F. Cooper and Mrs T. Cohen.

Within Visual Arts, students have the opportunity to investigate and develop skills in painting and drawing, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture and digital media. Programmes are extremely varied and students can begin to specialise in particular disciplines once they are at Level 2 NCEA. This directed approach is available up to Level 4.

There are two junior/senior art rooms, a dedicated print area for etching, litho and silkscreen, an Apple Mac media suite and Year 13 painting studio.

At each level, critical and contextual studies are emphasised within the programme. Students work using artists, processed from around the world, as starting points for many activities. These eventually lead and link to Level 3 Art History which is also offered.

Art History

Art History - HOD Mrs F. Cooper

This is offered at Level 3 and 4, and is an intensive and exciting programme popular with students.
It covers three main areas of study:

  • 15th Century Italian Renaissance with all the greats, including Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael
  • 1900’s to Abstraction, the most exciting period of change for Western art, which includes Cezanne, Picasso and Mondrian
  • 20th Century New Zealand Art - a great opportunity to understand what makes this country tick with McCahon, Hotere, Albrecht and many, many more.

Not only does this course give a greater insight into history, politics and aesthetics, but it increases students’ general knowledge and understanding of their place in the world.

Digital Technology

Computing - HOD Mrs A. Troath

Kia Ora and Welcome to the Computing Department. We consist of two teaching staff (Mrs A Troath and Miss H Corfield) and one full time technician (Mr T Blainey). The computing facilities include three interactive smartboards, video conferencing facilities, broadband internet and over 150 networked computers. We have three dedicated rooms for computing lessons and various networked pods around the school.

2008 was an important year for the development of the whole school network - as we updated the Dargaville High School network to include a fibre-optic backbone and virtual servers. Each student has access to their own school email account enabling them to send their work home. As of 2008 all teaching staff at Dargaville High School staff have their own laptops that connect to the network enhancing the learning of students.

As a department we offer a variety of achievement and unit standards. These range from Level 1 to Level 4. Programmes of study range from integrating the four generic software packages to programming and web design.

We also offer an accelerated learners programme where a student is advanced into the year group above their age group as they have shown exceptional computing skills. Technology constantly changes and we are lucky enough to have a future-proofed system to cope with anticipated changes.


Maori - Whaea Johnnita Houghton

There is currently one teacher in the Maori Department. The focus of the Maori Department is to build a greater interest in, and respect for the use of, Te Reo Maori and Maori protocols, as a living indigenous language and culture, within Dargaville High School and the wider community.

The Maori Department of Dargaville High School is working with other Kaipara schools to provide courses in Te Reo Maori and Maori Studies which all Year 9 students will complete, based on the new Te Reo Maori curriculum document (MOE 2007). A Year 10 Te Reo Maori course is offered as an option for students keen to develop the competencies required for NCEA courses in Year 11, which may be offered by DHS or as a correspondence course.

2007 saw the resurgence of Nga Toi, a performing arts group that focuses on Maori and Pacific Island dances, and promotes a philosophy of giving one's best performance across the curriculum. The Nga Toi course has turned out to be the most attractive and practical way to teach Te Reo Maori which has necessitated the introduction of two Nga Toi classes in 2008 (Year 10, Level 1).

Nga Toi currently offers students Year 10-13 the opportunity to prepare for, and complete, NCEA Unit Standards and Achievement Standards in Te Reo Maori, and Maori Performing Arts. The Maori Department is working towards offering NCEA Standards in: Social Studies, Dance, and Visual Arts.


Technology - HOD Mr C. Bayliss

Technology at Dargaville High School has the following staff: Mr Bayliss and Ms McCullough.

The department comprises recently up-to-date facilities in Materials Technology, a graphics studio and a networked computer suite. The Automotive facilities are undergoing development and work on the Hospitality, Food and Nutrition suite is due to start late next year along with a revamp of the Textile facilities.

Students in Years 9 and 10 can work in the following subject area: Electronics, Food and Nutrition, Graphics, Hard Materials, including wood and metal and Textiles.

Physical Education

Physical Education - HOD Miss Ashleigh Sage, Mr Tim Dunn

Welcome to the Physical Education Department. The Department consists of two teaching staff and one sports co-ordinator - (Mrs C Taylor).
Our goal is “Participate, learn skills, have fun!”

We have an amazing number of sporting and physical activities available as well as outstanding facilities. Aside from our double gymnasium with full width rock wall, Astroturf, outdoor netball and tennis courts, fully furnished weight shed, we also have a 24 metre heated indoor swimming pool. Just a sample of the sports we have on offer:

Trampolining, Roller Blading, Table Tennis, Badminton, Tennis, Archery, Unicycling, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Rugby, Pirate, Strategy Tag, Field Hockey, Rock Climbing, Athletics, Track and Field, Volleyball

Our department offers Achievement Standards at Levels one, two and three. The level one PE course includes practicals in Basketball and gymnastics. The level two PE course includes a component focusing on circus skills such as unicycling and juggling as part of motor learning. Finally, the level 3 course focuses on aquatics – swimming.