Dargaville High School international students

International Student Applications

We are pleased that you are thinking about studying in New Zealand and wish you luck with your application. Before your application is processed ensure you have understood all of the requirements. If you are unsure, please contact Alana Scott (Ascott@darghigh.school.nz) at Dargaville High School. Discussing your application should help you to decide if the New Zealand education system is suitable for you and your chosen career path.

The Criteria For Enrolment

International Students enrolling at Dargaville High School must have the following:

  • Suitable, supervised accommodation guaranteed for the entire school year enrolled.
  • Parents, parental representative or caregiver sign the School Rules contract.
  • Prove they have adequate medical and personal loss insurance throughout their stay in New Zealand.
  • Inform Dargaville High School of any sickness, behavioural, disability or special education needs before enrolment.
  • A basic knowledge of the English Language (i.e. numeracy and letter recognition skills).
  • The latest past school reports and examination results. Dargaville High School may also request a comprehensive reference from a past school Principal or Head Teacher with each application. We are required to assess a student's English Language competence and abilities so that placement will meet the student's needs.
  • Parent's consent to study at Dargaville High School.
  • Meet the conditions of New Zealand Immigration Service student visa/permits requirements.
  • Accept the direction of the professional staff of the school in subject and level placement.

What Should You Know

Important information for international students is contained in our downloadable PDF.
Important information for international students

Useful web sites:
Studying in New Zealand www.immigration.govt.nz
Ministry of Education www.education.govt.nz/international-students/international-education

NZ Qualifications (NZQA) www.nzqa.govt.nz

Download the Dargaville High School PDF application forms:
Tuition application
Tuition agreement
Homestay application
Homestay terms

Homestay Accommodation

Dargaville High School inspects the homestay accommodation, interviews hosts and checks their suitability. Each student is asked to fill out a questionnaire so their placement can be matched with their needs. Students will be met at the airport, taken to their new home and helped with opening bank accounts, settling into Dargaville High School and the New Zealand way of life. All students and their hosts have the school telephone number, so that help is available at all times. Students must not change their homestay without prior permission from Dargaville High School. A minimum of two weeks notice is required. Email: office@darghigh.school.nz

Caregivers Provide:
  • Full Board including all meals
  • Study Facilities
  • All laundry Facilities
  • Accommodation from arrival to the end of the school year, including holiday periods

Students may not make national or international telephone calls from their homestay unless it is by card paid for by the student. Local calls from private phones are free. Students will need a weekly amount of spending money. Between NZ$50-$100 should be enough.

Homestay Accommodation Fees:
  • Fees to be advised (usually paid in advance to the school)
  • International Student Home Stay administration fee: To be advised
  • Homestay Finding Fee: To be advised

Application Form for Homestay PDF »   Terms and Conditions of Homestay PDF »

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees 2024
NZ $15,000 per year

Tuition fee includes the following:

  • All tuition fees including specialist ESOL class
  • All subject fees
  • Text book deposit
  • All camp/field trips – curriculum related

NOT included:

  • Stationery for use at school
  • School uniform (compulsory for ALL students)
  • External examination fees

Student Visas

It is always best to use a local Education Consultant to help get your Visa. A list of Agents and Consultants is available at the Education Service Centre at the New Zealand Embassy or High Commission in Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong, or on the New Zealand Government Website. The consultants will do all the paperwork for you.

Obtain a Visa Without Using an Agent

  1. Apply to Dargaville High School on the official application form. Be sure you complete all sections of the form and your parents sign the "contract" section. Enclose with your application your latest school report, public examination results or forecast marks etc., a letter explaining why you wish to study in New Zealand and the University Degree you are aiming for.
  2. We will reply reserving a place for you. If accepted an invoice for the full year's fee will be enclosed.
  3. When we receive the money we will fax a copy of the receipt to the Visa Office in your country. We will mail the original to you.
  4. The Visa Office will issue you with a Student Visa. As you pass through Immigration on your arrival in New Zealand this will be converted to a Student Permit which will last one year from the date of your arrival.

NB. Make a careful note of the date that your Student Permit expires. If you are even one day late in applying for an extension, you may be refused permission to stay here.