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Important Dates for your Diary 2022

Thursday 7 July :  NCEA Me Te Whānau Workshop @ 5pm
Friday 8 July       :  End of Term 2
Thursday 11 Aug :  Open Day 2-7pm - Download Flyer

Drum Roll - Leadership Roles

Dargaville High School head leaders 2022

Head Leaders 2022: Ryley Gray, Harmony Covacich
Deputy Leaders 2022: Brodye Chan-Sau, Ashlee Rakich

Cultural 2021: David Sekicolo, Semisi Apai, Lela Ahokava, Djahnaye Whata, Kaya Tobin

Academic 2021: Francie Godfrey, Ashton Mager, Kate Chapman

Art 2021: Imogen Fowlie, Danika Beardsall, Karysa Norman

Technology 2021: AJ Madres, Hamada Awad, Bayly Kydd

House/Sport 2021:
(Andrews; 222 points)  Pohutukawa Kakara, Angus Bradley
(Davids: 202 points)  Ben Johnston, Courtney Crichton–Mason
(George: 202 points)  Carolyn Cole, Dylan Hines
(Patricks: 174 points)  Reilly Smith, Kahurangi Matthews