Dargaville High School reports

School Reports

Formal Reporting

A formal report is prepared for each student in the middle and end of the school year. These reports detail the student's academic achievements, progress, attendance and attitude. At the end of Term 2 for the Senior School and during Term 3 for the Junior School, the school holds parent/caregiver-student-teacher interview meetings, and all parents/caregivers are urged to attend these meetings to discuss student progress. Senior reports show the amount of assessments sat, credits gained and teacher comments for individual subjects.

Informal Reporting

At the end of Term 1 an informal report is sent home with each student as an indication of how things have gone in the first term. We welcome parents/caregivers to make contact with the school at any time. Appointments can be made to see the Dean or Form Teacher so that parents can update themselves on a particular student's achievement or concerns.

During Term 1 an informal parent evening is held for the parents/caregivers of new Year 9 students so they can meet their child's teachers, Form Teacher and Dean.

Please contact the Main Office and ask to speak to your child's Dean if you wish to discuss their progress or have any other issues. Mrs Libby Hooton, Guidance Counsellor, is available to discuss pastoral issues with you and your child. Ring the Main Office for an appointment.

Deans for 2024

Year 9 - Ashleigh Sage
Year 10 - Matt McCahon
Year 11 - Sarah Martin
Year 12 - Haley Corfield
Year 13 - Richard Amoroa
Assessment Dean -  Angela Troath